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Its Food-grade and Antimicrobial

Protecting food-grade lubricants from the deterioration, fouling and odor caused by microorganisms has been a long-standing challenge. Petro-Canada has unveiled Purity FG with Microl, a new line of industrial food-grade lubricants that contain Microl – the first and only antimicrobial preservative registered by the U.S. EPA for use in food-grade lubricants. Purity FG with Microl is a significant development in the food-processing industry, said Petro-Canadas Nicolas Joujou. This new product line inhibits microbial growth in the lubricant to prevent degradation in plant-tough environments. The line includes grease, hydraulic and gear fluids, all with NSF H1 registration and also meeting Canadian Food Inspection Agency regulations. Phone (888) 284-4572 (U.S.) or (800) 268-5850 (Canada). Web:

Viscometer Has New Look

Brookfield Engineerings DV-I Prime viscometer has a totally new look and feel, and added features. The shape, color scheme and keypad layout have been improved, and new timed option and print buttons have been added for ease of use. The DV-I Prime now has an RS-232 PC interface, for use with optional Wingather software; this allows users to collect, analyze and record test data within the application or export it to Excel. Other valuable improvements include continuous sensing and data display, and more. Phone: (800) 628-8139. Web: www.brookfield

Dispensing Made Easier

The pressure reservoir is a critical component of any fluid dispensing system, and the new R125 from Hernon has the output line located conveniently in the center of the lid. This allows the dip tube to be centered, so an up-to-1-gallon container can be placed directly into the reservoir. The lid design and single-knob securing system permit quick changes or refills, with minimal cleanup. The durable polyethylene feed tube is resistant to most chemicals, including lubricants, solvents, sealants and adhesives, and is also disposable. Web:

Army OKs Dry Lube

Both aerosol and bulk forms of Everlubes Perma-Slik GLF, a lead-free, air-dry solid film lubricant, have won approvals by the U.S. Army to military specification MIL-PRF-46147. The new formulation is based on the companys longtime mil-spec qualified Perma-Slik G, plus has enhanced performance, is safer and is more environmentally friendly, the company says. Using molybdenum disulfide and an epoxy binder system, it has a low coefficient of friction, good corrosion resistance and high load-carrying abilities. Its suited for use on metal fittings, connectors, seals, clamps and couplings found in military, aerospace and industrial applications. For information or a sample, phone (800) 428-7802. Web: www.

Start with Cleaner Oil

Hydraulic and gear oils straight from the drum may carry some contaminants, but Des-Cases new FlowGuard drum topper helps oil handlers to avoid that worry. The small, portable filtration station acts as an offline filter, removing dirt and moisture before new oil goes into critical equipment. It mounts directly on top of a drum, and is also handy to fill small totes. It includes an incorporated pump with various flow capacities; a heavy-duty aluminum frame; two-stage filtration; clear, reinforced PVC hoses that allow visual confirmation of product flow; filter gauges, and more. You can customize your own design at a very affordable price, the company says. Web:

Protect Storm Drains

Keep hydrocarbons and sediments from entering drains and water systems with the Pig Drain Insert Plus. The permeable, hydrophilic insert fits rectangular storm drains up to 30 by 40 inches, and round drains up to 30-in. diameter. Filter strips remove floating oil and other hydrocarbons, while the 18-in.-deep accumulation pocket collects oil, sediment and other contaminants. Theres also an excess flow port, to avoid blockage during periods of high water flow. The inserts aid in compliance with 40 CFR 122.26, and can be part of an SPPC plan to help keep hydrocarbons and sediment from entering the water system. Web:

Start Pumping Fast

Gracos new Hurricane electric oil dispensing system is a quick and simple tool to pump bulk synthetic or petroleum oils, automatic transmission fluids, and antifreeze (up to 50/50 mix). Its flow rate is up to 1.5 gallon/min., measured in quarts, gallons, pints or liters. The complete system weighs less than 20 lbs. and is ready to use right out of the box. It includes an electric pump, digital dispense meter, hose, and quick-change bung adapter. It requires no wiring or plumbing, and simply plugs into an ordinary 110V AC outlet. Web:

Safer Stamping

Aqualube 2029 synthetic stamping lubricant from Harry Miller Corp. is totally composed of renewable resources. It provides excellent lubricity and may be used for stamping, drawing and blanking operations on all metals, the company says. It provides indoor rust protection to stamped parts, yet is easily removed by spray or immersion cleaning processes. Aqualube 2029 contains no mineral oils, chlorine, sulfur or DEA. Its also an alternative to vanishing oils, thus eliminating V.O.C.s, and may be a suitable replacement for environmentally undesirable lubricants in many applications. Web:

Protect with Kluber Spray

The latest food-grade lubricant from Kluber Lubrication is Kluberfood NH1 K32 spray, an anti-corrosion lubricant. This NSF H1 registered lubricant is highly penetrative, repels moisture, and forms a transparent protective film when applied. Use for lubrication of areas where technically unavoidable contact with food products may occur. The spray is neutral toward most plastic materials and, due to its homogenous penetrative film, is moisture-repellant on metal components. Web:

Vegetables Cutting Edge

Vegetable ester based Vascomill 10, for high-pressure metalworking applications, is new from Blaser Swisslube. Blaser says its especially suited for cutting oil applications in Swiss-style CNC lathes. Its low viscosity levels allow for maximum air escape, making Vascomill 10 resistant to foaming, even in long cycle times where high pressure is engaged more than 50 percent of the time. It has a higher flashpoint than mineral oils of the same viscosity, but being vegetable based makes it environmentally conscious. Its best suited for stainless steels, titanium and high-temperature alloys. Web:

ATF for Older Vehicles

Citgos new Transgard multipurpose ATF is targeted for use in GM and Ford electronically controlled transmissions calling for Dexron-III, Dexron-IIIE, Dexron-II and Mercon-type fluids. This ATF delivers the technologies and performance characteristics needed to meet or exceed the requirements of a vast majority of todays vehicles, says Citgos David Kunkel. More competitively priced than OEM fluids for 2007 fill-for-life transmissions, Transgards great cost-to-value ratio makes it a superior choice, he added. Citgo says its suitable for automatic transmissions made by GM and Ford for model years 2006 and prior, except those calling for Ford Type F, Mercon SP, Mercon V, Dexron VI, and CVT fluids. Web:

SKF Ends Regreasing

SKFs new pre-lubricated sealed linear ball bearings can save time and money typically spent on the bearing lubrication process, which can be significant in high-volume applications. Users can reap further environmental benefits by avoiding the non-green conditions associated with grease application. The unique linear ball bearings are available in compact and standard metric versions (and inch versions can also be ordered). All are fitted with integral double-lip seals, to retain the lubricant and seal out contamination. Greases can be selected for application-specific requirements, such as food-grade greases, clean-room greases, vacuum environments, etc. Phone: Sean Feyrer at SKF USA, (610) 861-3741. Web:

Learn to Analyze

Polaris Laboratories is expanding its Practical Oil Analysis and Cooling System Maintenance training this year, to include classes specific to mobile and natural gas compression applications. The training can expand general knowledge of oils and coolants and provide a better understanding of just how important fluid testing and analysis is to equipment reliability. The one-and two-day programs are taught by experienced professionals who focus on fluid analysis program goals, appropriate testing, selecting a qualified laboratory, correctly taking samples, and more. Class locations are Salt Lake City (August), Indianapolis (October) and Houston (November); private sessions may also be arranged. Phone: (877) 808-3750. Web:

Water Dilutable and Tough

Metal Mates HDP-HSS is a water-dilutable lubricant from ITW Rocol North America, designed for use on high-strength steels and difficult drawing, stamping, piercing and flanging applications. It combines barrier, anti-wear, EP and high corrosion protection needed for difficult forming operations. The creamy tan liquid can be applied by spray, brush, roll coat or drip. It does not become sticky and gummy as it carries through the critical segments in progressive dies, and the company says it is easily cleaned, improves die life, and has a low application rate for significant cost savings. It comes ready-to-use in 5-, 55- and 300-gallon containers, but can be diluted with water to optimize cost and performance. Web:

Tiny Sensor, Big Output

BiODE has a new low-shear-rate version of its solid-state ViSmart viscosity sensor. Designed to instantaneously measure samples of low- to mid-range viscosity fluids, the acoustic sensor provides real-time, in-line viscosity measurements, for in-line process control systems that require high resolution and accuracy. The tiny device is 1.3 by 1.1 by 0.4 in., and weighs only 4 oz. Based on robust and reliable semiconductor technology, it has no moving parts and can be completely immersed in the process stream, where it is unaffected by vibration or flow conditions. Tests show an accuracy of 2 percent, reproducibility of 3 percent, and repeatability of 1 percent. Phone: (207) 856-6977. Web:

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