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Twice each year, Readex Research sends an advertising perception survey to a randomly selected, anonymous group of subscribers and compiles the results for us. Weve just received the results of the July survey, in which readers rated their perception of each ad in terms of attention-getting ability, believability and information value. Julys winners are: Sunoco, most attention-getting; Ciba Specialty Chemicals, most believable; and Chevron Phillips Chemical, most informative. Congratulations!

And thank you, anonymous readers who took the time to study and score each ad. We share the compiled scores – good and bad – with each advertiser, so they can gauge the relative performance of their ads and discover how to communicate more effectively with you.

In addition to scoring ads, survey recipients are also asked to complete a short readership survey. Replies over the years have been amazingly consistent: three out of four read half or more of every issue of LubesnGreases, and the same percent save each issue for reference; respondents spend an average of more than 50 minutes with each issue; nine out of 10 have taken some action based on reading articles or columns; and a resounding seven out of 10 have acted on the basis of seeing ads in LubesnGreases. (Actions prompted by ads include discussing the ad with others, passing the ad along to others, ?ling the ad for reference, contacting the advertiser, recommending the product or service, and of course purchasing the product or service.)

If LubesnGreases active, involved readers are your target market, please consider advertising. Did you know that LubesnGreases provides advertisers the lowest cost per thousand of any publication in the industry? And averages more than 16,000 100-percent-quali?ed subscribers every month? Gloria Steinberg Briskin has some terri?c deals for advertisers who commit to 2008 advertising before year-end, so please dont delay. Contact Gloria today at (800) 474-8654 or to learn more about advertising in the LubesnGreases family of lubricants industry publications.

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