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Citgo Expands Offerings

Citgo has expanded its Supergard UltraLife line of motor oils for high-mileage vehicles to include a new 5W-30 viscosity grade. Specifically designed to meet the needs of new and older high-mileage automobiles, light trucks and SUVs, the 5W-30 oil is formulated with advanced additives and dispersants to boost overall engine performance and dramatically reduce oxidation, corrosion and the formation of damaging engine deposits, the company said. It exceeds all passenger car and light truck manufacturers warranty requirements for the protection of gasoline and turbocharged engines where API SL, SJ, SH and all previous categories are recommended. Also available in 10W-30 and 10W-40 viscosity grades. Web:

ExMo Brings Back 0W-20

ExxonMobil has reintroduced its fully synthetic Mobil 1 0W-20 motor oil to meet the growing demand for fuel-efficient hybrid and smaller gasoline-powered vehicles. The oils low viscosity allows for quick oil flow to protect engines during the frequent start-ups in gasoline/electric hybrids. In addition, the company said, it is ideal for use in newer Honda, Toyota, Ford, Mercury and Chrysler cars, trucks and SUVs where a 5W-20 motor oil is recommended. Mobil 1 0W-20 fills a growing need, said ExxonMobils Brad Onofrio. The reach of this motor oil is well beyond just hybrid vehicles; it is well-suited to provide fuel-efficiency benefits for many newer cars. Web:

Better Base Oils for Grease

Nynas has unveiled a new line of base oils tailor-made for commercial grease production. The lineup includes 14 different naphthenic oils, all of them refined for above-average oxidation stability and sharing common characteristics prized in grease production, such as good quality for cooking, lower bleeding tendency, lower soap consumption and higher additive solvency. They also boast individual attributes: Nynas S 150, for example, is ideal for applications where elastomer compatibility and low-temperature pumpability are key; Nynas S 100B for making H-1 food-grade greases; and Nynas T4000 for really stiff applications with high needs for adhesiveness and shear stability. Learn about them all with Nynas Smooth Operator online tool, which walks you through the selection process. Web: or smoothoperator

4 for Seals

Dow Cornings 4 Electrical Insulating Compound, part of the companys line of Molykote industrial lubricants, provides a moisture-proof seal for aircraft, automotive and marine ignition systems and spark-plug connections. A dimethyl silicone compound, it lubricates and seals electrical connections, electrical assemblies and terminals as well as cable connectors, battery terminals, rubber door seals and rubber and plastic O-rings. The compound is resistant to a wide range of chemicals and solutions, including mineral oils, vegetable oils, air, dilute acids, alkalines and most aqueous solutions, the company said. 4 is odorless, practically nonvolatile, nontoxic and non-melting, and maintains its consistency from -70 to 400 degrees F. Web: See

Color with Koehler

Koehler Instrument Co. has introduced the Automated Colorimeter, which provides objective, accurate and consistent photometric color measurements required for purity and quality control testing over a wide variety of samples. The device uses tri-stimulus values to ascertain the value of the various color scales. The microprocessor-based unit has a modern optical system with reference beam path, and measures samples in comparison to 15 possible color ranges. It also is equipped with automatic cuvette recognition and measurement. Web: www.koehler

Lube Friendly Bearings

Proper bearing lubrication is just one of the ideas behind SKFs new Type SAF split pillow blocks. They also enable easy alignment and installation, and longer bearing life. These two-piece assemblies mount quickly to shafts and can accommodate heavy radial loads. Applications include fans and blowers, conveyors, and other equipment. The SAF inch series split pillow blocks can be lubricated either with grease or oil, and feature cast-in grease level indicators inside the housings, to visually show when the proper amount of grease has been applied. During regreasing, a patented directional grease guiding system serves to channel grease reliably into the rolling elements of the bearings. Phone: (800) 440-4753. Web:

All Mixed Up

Charles Ross & Son Co. is offering a new double-planetary mixer, designed with Teflon-coated and patented HV blades that enable the mixing of ultra-high viscosity formulations. The new blade design mixes products up to 8 million cps. It can rapidly incorporate light and hard-to-wet solids such as fumed silica, and cleans the walls and bottom of the vessel during the mix cycle. The Teflon coating allows for fast cleaning between batches and color changes, and helps eliminate climbing of viscous materials during the mix cycle. A range of optional features is available, including special benches and sealing options, and sizes range from 1/2 pint through 750 gallons working capacity. Email:

Monitor Hard-to-reach Places

UE Systems offers new accessories for its Ultraprobe instruments to permit condition monitoring in hard-to-access spaces. The Remote Access Sensor includes a sensing transducer which can be permanently mounted on a test subject – such as a pump, motor, bearing or valve housing – and connected to a cable inserted through a test port. The cable then can be attached to an Ultraprobe to log or record sound samples. The RAS-MT remote sensor is magnetically mounted; the UE Ultra-Trak 750 operates without human presence, measuring ultrasonic amplitude changes continuously. UE Systems Ultraprobe monitors for leak detection, mechanical analysis and electrical inspection. Web:

Synthetics Handbook

Ultrachem has published a 112-page Handbook about its premium synthetic lubricants and its AbsorbAll condensate separators which also is packed with useful information about lubricant crossovers, temperature conversions and ester compatibility. It also includes a primer on synthetic lubricants. The spiral book is particularly useful for sale reps who need information about premium synthetic lubricants. Email:

A Lower-cost Zinc?

Halox has introduced an inorganic corrosion inhibitor to battle the rising costs of zinc and zinc phosphate, used to prevent rust and corrosion in steel. Halox 300 is a cost-effective zinc-phosphate type inhibitor designed to compete with other zinc-phosphate and modified zinc-phosphate type corrosion inhibitors, the company said. Tested against products containing high amounts of zinc phosphates, Halox 300 often provided equal if not superior corrosion resistance, said Haloxs Wendy Novelli. Best suited for light industrial coatings, the product keeps costs low for distributors, who are able to pass savings along to consumers, she said. Web:

Hocut OKd

Houghton Internationals Hocut 795-B biostable coolant has been approved by Pratt & Whitney for use on any metal or alloy including aerospace aluminum, titanium and stainless steel. The approval allows use of Hocut 795-B in all Pratt & Whitney facilities and in those of its Tier II suppliers and subcontractors. This the the latest major approval for the product; the coolant was already approved for use by Boeing, NASA and Airbus. A non-foaming machining and grinding fluid that will not sour from biological growth, Hocut 795-B is the most widely used coolant in the aerospace and automotive industry, Houghton claimed. Web:

Fall Protection Saves Lives

Did you know that one of the most-violated OSHA standards is Fall Protection, with over 5,500 citations from Oct. 1, 2004 to Aug. 30, 2005? To help companies and safety trainers protect workers against fall-related accidents and comply with U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirements, safety-industry publisher Mancomm has developed The Complete OSHA Guide to Fall Protection. The 140-page volume brings together fall-protection information from five parts of the OSHA regulations – general industry, shipyard employment, marine terminals, longshoring and construction – as well as from OSHA letters of interpretation. The guide, product no. 36B-001, is currently in production; you can pre-order it for $36.95 at

Mobilith Greases Upgraded

ExxonMobil has upgraded its line of Mobilith SHC greases, a family of high-performance synthetic greases formulated with proprietary lithium-complex thickeners which are designed to extend the life of bearings. With their excellent adhesion, rust protection and oxidative stability, they can help extend regreasing intervals and optimize machine efficiency, even under extreme operating conditions. Offered in ISO 100, 220, 460 and 1500 viscosity grades, the greases are ideal for the power, general manufacturing and process industries and primary metals markets, the company said. To highlight the new formulation, Mobilith SHC greases are now packaged in plastic cartridges for greater package durability and to minimize leakage. Web:

Global Launch for Breox, Emgard

Cognis has globally launched its Breox and Emgard high-performance air compressor lubricants, making available their enhanced metal wear resistance to customers worldwide. Breox lubricants, a blend of polyalkylene glycol and polyol ester designed for use in oil-cooled rotary screw air compressors, combine the performance benefits of both classes of compounds. Emgard PAO synthetic lubricants are designed for use in oil-flooded rotary vane, screw type and reciprocating compressors. Made from PAO base stocks, Emgard lubricants improve metal wear resistance, lower maintenance costs, extend component life and enhance fire safety. Emgard also has ester air compressor lubes, formulated from polyolester and diester base stocks. Web:

Low Temp Flash-point Tester

Stanhope-Setas Active Cool is the latest addition to the companys range of instruments that test the flash point of liquids and semi-solids using the rapid equilibrium method, designed for use in the lab, production line and for portable applications. Active Cool, with a special ramp facility that can automatically increase the temperature of the sample until a flash is detected, was developed for ASTMs newly released test method D7236, the small scale, closed cup, ramp method. The tester allows testing at low temperatures, and rapidly reduces the heat to allow fast sample removal, reducing overall test time. Web: www.

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