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Lube-It, and Love It?

Domestic sales of Lube-It are up 200 percent over 2004, reflecting industrys growing recognition of the importance of good lubrication management, reports Generation Systems. The newest edition of the companys lube management software, Lube-It Version 4, has over 100 refinements. Once baseline information about plant equipment is entered, the software creates optimum schedules and maintenance routes, and generates weekly route worksheets with details about each lube point. New PowerPack optional modules include Shutdown Manager, Lockout Informer and On-Site Lube-Test. Phone (800) 613-5525. Web: www.

Answers on Marine Lubes

ExxonMobil Marine Lubricants has launched a technical help desk to enable its customers anywhere in the world to obtain answers to ship-related lubrication problems or questions. The service is available by telephone or e-mail. The desk will be staffed by specialists knowledgeable about the marine industry. The help-desk has access to ExxonMobils marine databases on issues that range from equipment lubrication recommendations to oil analysis interpretation, said Global Marketing Manager Ken Fritz. Open Monday through Friday, 8 to 5 in three key time zones, specialists can be reached by e-mail at marinelubetech@

125 and Growing

American Refining Group, Bradford, Pa., the oldest continuously running refinery in the United States, has launched a web site to provide information about its 125th anniversary plans. The site includes the schedule of events for the companys Sept. 7-9 celebration, including a parade, refinery tours, educational programs and an oil and gas industry swap meet. The refinery processes 100 percent Pennsylvania grade crude to produce gasoline, fuel oil, solvents, Kendex brand base oils, waxes and other specialties. The anniversary web: anniversary

Citgos New SynDurance

Citgard SynDurance 5W-40 is the new premium synthetic heavy-duty engine oil from Citgo Petroleum Corp. SynDurance provides outstanding cold-weather starts, optimal fuel economy and extended drains, the company says. The oil is designed for year-round use in engines regularly subjected to a wide range of operating temperatures, such as emergency and refrigeration vehicles or standby engines. Suitable for low-emission engines, SynDurance meets or exceeds API CI-4 Plus, Caterpillar ECF-1, Cummins CES 20078, 20076 and 20071, Detroit Diesel 93K214, Mack EO-N Premium Plus and EO-M Plus, and other heavy duty specs. Web:

Chevrons Cutters: HiPerCut and Aquatex

Chevron Products Co. has added two new metalworking fluids to its line of industrial lubricants. One is a full-synthetic, marketed as Chevron HiPerCut 9500 and Texaco Aquatex 9500, and the other is a semi-synthetic, marketed as Chevron HiPerCut 6110 and Texaco Aquatex 6110. The products work exceptionally well on exotic metals, like those used in the aerospace industry, said Industrial Specialist Kathy Johnson. The fluids help reduce corrosion and provide excellent surface finish while extending sump life. Both products resist bacteria and fungus. The new fluids were supplied to Chevron and Texaco distributors in the first quarter, shipped in drums and in a new square pail design which offers improved storage options. Web:

High-seas Hydraulic Fluid

Houghton International has formulated a vegetable oil based hydraulic fluid thats a perfect match for Ocean Power Technologys WaveBuoy system. WaveBuoy uses the off-shore motion of waves to move hydraulic cylinders up and down, driving an electrical generator. The AC power it generates is converted into high-voltage DC and transmitted ashore via an underwater power cable. Houghtons Cosmolubric TR 2000 hydraulic fluid will disperse in water and will not create an oil slick, the company says. In addition, it is formulated with additives to protect against corrosion. Web:

Stauff Breathes Easy

Stauff Corp. has introduced the SVDB Series of disposable desiccant breathers for mobile and in-plant applications. The new line provides maintenance-free and economical moisture control. The breather comes in two sizes, absorbs water for a dry reservoir, offers 10-micron particle filtration, and when saturated, the whole unit is replaced. Phone: (201) 444-7800. Web:

Grease That Lasts

Dow Corning has introduced Molykote G-2003 high performance grease, designed for long-term lubrication on plastic-metal and plastic-plastic contact parts in automotive applications. Commonly used on window lifters, sliding roofs, seat adjusters, steering locks and door-lock systems, the grease is formulated for medium to fast movements and medium loads. Based on synthetic hydrocarbon, the lithium-thickened G-2003 has a service range of -50 degrees C to 140 C. It boasts good water and oxidation resistance, stability against water washout, and exceptional performance at low temperatures. Molykote G-2003 has an NLGI Class 2 rating. Web:

Mix Thicker Mixtures

Charles Ross & Son Co. has introduced a new line of high-viscosity dispersers, designed to mix and blend high-viscosity non-flowing materials that are too viscous for a conventional high-speed disperser. Models are available with a conventional bow tie or a 4-blade, 45-degree turbine. Sizes range from a laboratory model up to a 500-gallon production size. All units include stainless steel type 304 wetted parts; explosion-proof VFD-capable motors; hydraulic lifts; mix can locking mechanisms; stainless steel shaft guards; and explosion-proof safety switches. Options include jackets for heating or cooling. Phone: (800) 243-ROSS. E-mail:

Eco-friendly Boron Nitride Spray

GE Advanced Materials Ceramics division has developed a new grade of its boron nitride spray coating that eliminates the use of methylene chloride. BN Spray II is a release agent and lubricant for a range of applications, including metalforming, glassmaking, plastics molding, high-temperature sintering, and welding and brazing. Benefits of the new aerosol spray coating include high-temperature resistance, high-purity crystalline structure for improved lubrication, non-reactive formulation for excellent release, and chemical stability. Web: materials. E-mail: monica.

Just for Quick Lubes

With an eye for the installer channel, a division of Illinois Tool Works has launched a new line of engine-treatment products designed for quick-lube professionals. The family of products, called Pro Formula, consists of six fluids which claim to maximize vehicle performance and increase fuel efficiency: Engine Cleaner, Engine Stop Leak, Fuel Boost, Fuel System Cleaner, Engine Treatment and Engine Protection. The products will provide greater profits for quick lube shops and better performing engines for their customers, said Quick Lube Products Rosemary Torres. Phone: (626) 969-0272. Web:

Put a Lid on It!

I deal Manufacturing & Sales Corp. announced a new CA-CEM Heavy Duty Roller Closing Machine for sealing friction lids on one-quart to six-gallon containers, including tough-to-close U.N. pails. Major features include 5 ft. powered conveyor, 7.5-inch tabletop chain, 21 rollers, arc design to press down further at the entry end and more gradually at the exit end, to assure the trailing edge is sealed, and more. The CA-CEM and its companion stainless steel wash-down model, the CA-CES, both offer optional side guards, articulating nip guard conveyor shut-off switch, lid placers, extension tables, digital scales, and more. Phone: (800) 383-1128. Web:

Hot or Not?

Telatemp Corp.s temperature recording labels indicate excessive temperatures in machinery, visually signaling heat build-up and the need for preventive maintenance. The adhesive-backed labels can measure a 50 degree F range through an array of six sealed sensing windows which are calibrated in 10-degree increments. In use, when the surface temperature reaches the temperature of the particular window, the indicator instantly and permanently turns black. This provides the user a visual record of the highest temperature reached. Labels are available in a series of temperature ranges from 100 to 500 degrees F (38-260 C). Each label is printed in both F and C, is self-contained, and requires no electricity, batteries or mechanical activation. Phone: (800) 321-5160. Web:

Fleets to Get Real-time Oil Monitors

Symyx Technologies and Stargate Mobile have agreed to provide an onboard wireless communication package containing Symyx Sensors for oil condition monitoring. The product is targeted for introduction in mid-2007. Symyx will develop, supply and license its oil condition sensor to Stargate Mobile, to be marketed and sold by Stargate exclusively in the field of commercial vehicles. The sensor will allow commercial fleet managers to use data from real time, in-situ sensors to assess motor oil quality and condition. This will allow them to optimize and anticipate maintenance needs. In addition to the Stargate partnership, Symyx is currently working with Hella KG to market and distribute its oil condition sensors in the passenger vehicle market. Web: and

Deburr With Confidence

OTEC Precision Finish has introduced its CF-Oil system to the U.S. market. This new type of centrifugal disc finishing machine provides smooth surfaces to work pieces subject to mechanical stress in miniaturized assemblies. The secondary deburring process preserves the precise measurement tolerances achieved by final grinding and honing, and offers increased protection to delicate work parts. The system uses commercially available grinding and honing oils in combination with oil-resistant low abrasive media, such as sintered ceramic chips, to remove micro-burrs, while eliminating the possibility of corrosion. CF-Oil machines are cost effective, require no water connection, and occupy only a square meter of surface. Phone: (401) 398-0045. Web:

Piggy-back Lubricator

Unists Mini-Piggy-Back 9470 is a positive displacement system for lubricating pneumatic hand tools used in manufacturing and assembly processes. The 9470 weighs less than 11 oz. full, and is just 7 in. long with the fluid cartridge attached. The Mini-Piggy-Back uses compressed air supplied from downstream from the tool trigger and is 100 percent pneumatic, so no electrical connections are needed. Fluid is contained in a refillable and interchangeable cartridge, or a remote gravity-feed reservoir can supply one or more units. It can dispense a wide range of lubricants of varying viscosities. Phone: (800) 253-5462. Web:

Oil Eater Does It All

The new Oil Eater cleaner and degreaser is water-based and eliminates the need for multiple cleaning solutions, Kafko International said. The low-VOC cleaner is non-corrosive, nontoxic and nonflammable, made from a mixture of nonionic surfactants, emulsifiers, water softeners and other biodegradable ingredients. It cuts through oil, grease, carbon, sludge and dirt, rinses easily, and leaves no residue. The concentrate, available in 1-gallon to 55-gallon containers, can be diluted up to 25:1. Phone: (800) 528-0334. Web:

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