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Weve just learned that our August 2004 cover has snagged another prestigious top design prize from ASBPE, the American Society for Business Publication Editors! Congratulations to Art Director Greg Whitlow and Managing Editor Lisa Tocci. (OK, for all you readers whove never made it to the shop ?oor: Its a close-up of one of the rolling hoops that circle the body of an enamel-coated steel drum.)

Last month subscribers to the print edition of LubesnGreases received part one of

our inaugural Global Guide to Base Stocks – a colorful 33-by-22-inch wall chart identifying the worlds 150 mineral base oil re?neries. See page 16 for Tim Sullivans equally colorful comments on what our base oil re?ning data reveals. To order copies, visit

Next month, print edition subscribers will receive part two: our 2005 Global Guide to Nonconventional Base Stocks. This companion wall chart will provide a unique snapshot of the worlds suppliers of the most important nonconventional stocks, including:

PAOs and PIOs (we estimate theres nearly 420,000 metric tons per year total capacity in Europe, North America and Japan);

PAGs and PIBs (close to 800,000 metric tons per year capacity each);

Esters (manufactured for lubes at nearly 60 locations worldwide);

Silicones (made in more than 30 locations);

Plus Group IIIs, phosphate esters, GTL and more.

Keep a sharp eye out for your August issue and the 2005 Guide to Nonconventional Base Stocks wall chart, only from LubesnGreases magazine!

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