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1995 was a great year for prescient ventures: British scientists created Megan and Molly, the worlds ?rst cloned sheep. Microsoft released Windows 95. WTO replaced GATT. sold its ?rst book online.

And Lisa, Gloria and I launched LubesnGreases.

April 1995 saw the ?rst issue of what has grown to be the worlds premier lubricants industry publication. We thank the companies, organizations and old and new friends who have contributed so much to our success story over the past decade.

An impressive array of todays advertisers have supported LubesnGreases from the very beginning, including Afton (formerly Ethyl), Battenfeld, Chevron Oronite, ChevronTexaco (and its predecessor companies), Ciba, Cognis (and predecessors), ConocoPhillips (and predecessors), Crompton (and predecessors), Crystal, Dover, Ergon, ExxonMobil Lubricants and ExxonMobil Chemical (and predecessors), FedChem (and predecessors), Geo. Pfaus Sons, Hatco, In?neum (formerly Paramins), King, Lubrizol, Petro-Canada, Pilot, Pulsair, Rhein Chemie, RohMax (and predecessors), San Joaquin, Sea-Land, Tannas, Ultra Additives, Uniqema (and predecessors), United Color Manufacturing.

Special thanks go to this industrys societies and associations, particularly ILMA, NLGI, STLE, NPRA, API, PPC, ELGI, ASTM and SAE, for your assistance and support.

In April 1995 we pledged to make every issue informative and entertaining for you. We pledged to earn your trust and respect. We pledged not to be afraid to tackle the sticky issues. We pledged to be the best. Today we renew those pledges, and invite you to join us in a toast to the next 10 years!

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