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Convenient Spray Oil

Molykotes new food-grade spray oil is a multipurpose mineral oil aerosol meeting FDA regula-tions 21 CFR 178.3750 and rated H1 for incidental food contact. Use it on bearings, gears, chains and sliding mechanisms in food, bever-age processing and pharma-ceutical applications. Its suitable for lubrication points with low to high loads, moderate to high temperatures, and moder-ate to high speeds. Packaged in 400 ml spray cans and available through Dow Cornings 3,000 distrib-utors, Molykote food-grade spray oil offers good pene-tration, high corrosion protection and high load capability, at service temper-atures ranging from -10 to 120 degrees C., says the maker. Website: E-mail:

Cleaner Fluid, Faster

The Chiperator chip and coolant separation system can bring new life to old coolant filled with chips from machine sumps, tanks and parts washers, says Abanaki Corp. The air-driven Chiperator quickly vacuums and filters old cutting fluids loaded with chips out of machine tool sumps into a 55-gallon drum, separates the chips out, and returns clean, filtered coolant to the machine sump – in less than two minutes. It can strain 40 gallons of chips and coolant per minute, and with the disposable filter bags, cleanup is a breeze. Add an optional oil skimmer, and you can cleanse the coolant of tramp oils in the same operation. Phone Abanaki Corp. at (800) 358-7546. E-mail:

More Choice for Viscosity Standards

Need to calibrate and verify your instruments for determining kinematic and dynamic viscosity, such as ASTM D 445? Cannon Instrument Co. is greatly enlarging its line of viscosity standards. Its N and S series general-purpose standards and CL low-temperature standards will be joined by new intermediate-viscosity materials this spring, giving users nearly double the selection of materials to choose from. Pat Maggi, president of Cannon, says the new standards are man-ufactured and certified to the tightest possible specifica-tions and smallest uncertain-ty in our accredited ISO 17025 and NIST-recognized laboratory. Phone (814) 353-8000, or visit www.cannon for details.

Synthetic Stands Up to Weather

Amsoil Inc.s new synthetic tractor hydraulic/ transmission oil is engineered to meet the tough demands of heavy-duty, hydraulic-powered farm and commercial equipment. The formulations synthetic base stocks and additives provide multi-viscosity all weather protection, Amsoil says, and enable equipment owners to avoid fluid change-outs. Applications include trans-missions, hydraulic sys-tems, final drives, power take-off systems and wet brakes operating in hot and cold temperatures, such as farm tractors and equip-ment, forklift trucks, pave-ment rollers, off-road equip-ment, etc. Using oil analy-sis, Amsoil also recom-mends the product for extended oil drains. Phone: (800) 777-8491. Web:

Try Dasco for Free

D. A. Stuart Co. has introduced Dasco Sol 2105, a new water-miscible metal-working fluid that builds on the successful technology used in its T-Kool 145. And as part of the roll-out, Stuart is offering system charges of Dasco Sol 2105 at no cost for qualified metalwork-ing sumps until Sept. 30. Dasco Sol 2105 minimizes the formation of offensive odors in the workplace and has been engineered to not support the growth of bac-teria, without the use of bio-cides. It offers lubricity, rust inhibition, sump life and operator acceptance, says the company. The formula-tions also classified as non-toxic for acute dermal toxicity according to the ASTM E 1302 test method. For details, call your local Stuart account manager, or e-mail dascosolinfo@

More Choices from Cyclo

For over 40 years, Cyclo Industries has offered cleaners and lubricants. Now it is unveiling a line of industrial maintenance products – specialty clean-ers, lubricants, penetrants and specialty formulations. The products are field-test-ed and designed to meet new regulations and special cleaning and lubricating needs, it says. They include Break-Away, a fast penetrat-ing oil; Faster super pene-trant; Z-Lube water-displac-ing multipurpose lubricant; silicone spray, greases, chain and cable lubricants, air tool oil, and more. For information about the prod-ucts or distribution opportu-nities, contact Eugene Fleishman, Cyclo Industries,401 Maplewood Dr., Suite 18, Jupiter FL 33458. Phone (800) 843-7813. E-mail:

Cutting-edge Fluid

A biostable micro-emulsion containing no biocides, CLC Coolant CF 66 represents the newest technology in cutting and grinding fluids for the met-alworking industry, boasts the maker. It contains no sulfonates, so theres none of the foul odor or Monday-morning stench associated with oil-containing coolants, and it works on all metals, including stain-less steel, cast iron, aluminum and copper based alloys. The trouble-free coolant can extend your coolant life dramatically – up to 50 percent, the com-pany adds. It even rejects tramp oil, just like a syn-thetic, even though it is a high oil-containing micro-emulsion. For information or a free sample, phone (800) 543-0505. Website: E-mail: clclubricants@

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