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Castrol Goes Diesel

W ith U.S. car and light truck makers adding diesel engines to their lineups, experts expect this category to grow as part of the consumer fleet. BP Lubricants is ready now with new Castrol GTX Diesel engine oil. The 15W-40 diesel oil protects engines from piston deposits, oil thickening and valvetrain wear, while minimizing sludge through the use of anti-wear additives, antioxidants and detergents. It meets key specifications from Cummins, Navistar, Ford, VW and Mercedes Benz, as well as the Mack EO-M and EO-M+ specs. Phone (888) 227-8765 or visit

Flash Tester Is Versatile

E quilibrium, rapid-equilibrium, closed- and open-cup flash point testing all can be done with one analyzer: Stanhope-Setas new MultiFlash. This low-cost automatic instrument carries out tests in strict conformity to all primary flash test methods, the maker says. It accommodates five interchangeable test cup modules – each recognized by plug and test software that intelligently recognizes the module in use and automatically loads the relevant test protocol. This simplifies setting modes of operation, calibration, test temperatures and parameters. Contact: Caroline Morrison, Stanhope-Seta, London St., Chertsey, Surrey KT16 8AP, UK. E-mail: cem@stanhope

Food-grade Oil Fights Bacteria

Cortec CorrLube is a light lubricating and deep-penetrating oil for food and beverage processing applications. It claims to provide superior corrosion protection and retard bacterial growth – important for much machinery used to process food, meat, poultry and beverages. CorrLube penetrates deep to attack rust and loosen frozen parts, then provides corrosion protection for treated metals. Use it on both dry and wet equipment; in wet equipment it displaces the water on the surface and replaces it with lubricant and protective film. It even contains a bacteriostatic preservative, to retard the growth of bacteria. Phone (800) 426-7832 or visit

Lube Your Trailer Fast

Bijur Lubrication has introduced the new ChassisCare SureShot centralized lubrication system for trailers. Assembled and shipped from Bijurs plant in Kinston, N.C., the system provides owner/operators and fleet managers with a quick and easy way to lubricate cam shafts and slack adjusters. No more crawling under trailers to locate hard-to-reach zerk fittings. Just walk up to ChassisCares distribution block – conveniently installed on the trailer frame – and insert a manual grease gun to lubricate all points on the trailer. A task that normally consumes a half-hour takes only two to three minutes, says Bijur. Visit www., or phone (800) 631-0168.

Weighty Matters

Mettler-Toledos new Pallet Truck Scale offers a battery-powered, mobile onboard weighing system, for one-step processing in industrial and warehouse applications. It smoothly and precisely handles heavy-duty applications in material handling, warehousing and other industrial tasks. Available in two fork widths, the affordable pallet truck makes it easy to move and weigh finished goods or materials, the company says. Sold through the companys Xpress network of dealers. Contact: Mettler-Toledo, 1900 Polaris Parkway, Columbus, OH 43240. Phone: (866) 689-7737. Web:

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