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Grindex for Steel, Iron

Blaser Swisslube Inc. offers the Grindex line of water-miscible synthetic grinding fluids. Best suited for steel and iron, Grindex is mineral oil free and provides the rinsing and settling behavior needed for modern grinding operations. Two versions are available: the standard Grindex 10 and Grindex10CO, which is highly inhibited for carbide grinding to prevent cobalt leaching. Grindex fluids are transparent when mixed in water and suited to all wheels with any grit. Phone Blasers Jim Littel at (845) 294-3200. E-mail: Web:

More Precise MRV

Cannon Instrument Co.s Mini-Rotary Viscometer CMRV-4500 improves precision by a factor of three for apparent viscosity, thanks to design enhancements. CMRV-4500 features additional insulation for improved temperature stability; rotor collars to prevent condensation and contamination; rotor locking pins to prevent unwanted motion; hardened steel rotor pivot points; and carbon-fiber rotor shafts to mitigate heat transfer. These enhancements reduced variation in some test results from +/-20 percent to +/-6 percent. This enhanced precision can translate directly into cost savings in the blending process for products meeting SAE J300 specs. It also can be configured for hydraulic and driveline lubes. Phone: (800) 676-6232. E-mail:

Petro-Canada Launches ATF

Petro-Canadas Dexron-VI automatic transmission fluid is formulated to meet General Motors new trademarked Dexron-VI service-fill specifications. Development of the new ATF involved a collaboration among GM, Petro-Canada and Afton Chemical. This is the first time GM worked with an oil and additive company to develop such an advanced ATF that outperforms Dexron-III in every aspect, said the companys Richard Perrier. The new ATF offers twice the life of a Dexron-III fluid, helps maintain smooth shifting, and extends transmission life. Formulated with Petro-Canadas Purity brand base oils, the ATF is available in one- and four-liter packages through Petro-Canadas network. Phone: (800) 268-5850 in Canada, (888) 284-4572 in the U.S. Web:

Functionals Green Line Grows

Functional Products introduces HF-560, a fully formulated biodegradable hydraulic fluid additive package, extending the companys biobased product line. When combined with refined vegetable oil, HF-560 produces an environmentally friendly hydraulic fluid with oxidation and corrosion protection, extreme pressure and anti-wear activity, foam and water resistance. In combination with other Functional additives, HF-560 exceeds military standards for Mil-PRF-32073, the company notes. As an additive package, HF-560 can be blended close to the point of use, reducing freight costs to the customer. For information and samples, phone Bill Wahl at (330) 963-3060. Web:

Decant and Save

Abanaki Corp.s new coolant decanter for its Mighty Mini SST oil skimmer saves money and improves the efficiency of parts washers and machine tool coolant sumps by making it possible for coolant to be recycled. The coolant decanter separates coolant from skimmed tramp oils, lessening the volume of waste and reducing disposal costs. The Mighty Mini SST uses specially engineered belts to remove oils at up to two gallons per hour. Weighing only seven pounds, with a small footprint, it can be used virtually anywhere. Phone: (800) 358-7546. E-mail: Web:

Accurate New Refractometer

Kernco Instrument Co.s new battery-operated Model DT60 LCD digital refractometer provides accurate measurements of coolants, cutting fluids and lubricants. The model has a range of 0 to 60 percent, with accuracy of plus or minus 0.1 percent. Weighing only 500 grams, the unit can be used as a desktop or hand-held portable. Features include automatic measurement with CCD scanner, automatic temperature compensation from 5 to 35 degrees C, corrosion resistant stainless steel sample stage, large LCD display, and more. Phone: (800) 325-3875. E-mail: Web:

Whats Your Number?

AC Analytical Controls has a new application to determine the carbon number distribution of petroleum waxes, up to C44. In one analysis, the AC Wax ASTM D5442 application determines the carbon number distribution from n-C17 through n-C44, using internal standardization; the content of normal and unknown carbon matter for each carbon number; and the C45-plus material. The application uses an Agilent Technologies 6850 or 6890 gas chromatograph, and offers numerous report options. For information, phone ACs marketing department in the Netherlands +31-10-462-4811. E-mail: Web:

Keep Turbine Oil Clean

Kaydon Custom Filtration Corp. has launched a new generation of Turbo-TOC oil conditioning systems, the new KL series. It prevents oxidation and viscosity breakdown that can compromise the effectiveness of turbine lubricants. The system quickly removes harmful water, particulates and other contaminants from turbine oils, bringing predictability to maintenance schedules and enhancing equipment operation. The KL is faster, more efficient and less costly than competing systems, Kaydon asserts, and the Turbo-TOC coalescer and separator elements can remove total water to below 100 ppm with greater than 95 percent efficiency. Phone: (800) 241-2342. Web:

MicroSol Line Expands

Master Chemical has added MicroSol 585 to its Trim MicroSol line of semisynthetic machining and grinding fluids. The high-lubricity MicroSol 585 is compatible with a wide range of materials, including cast iron, steels, yellow metals, aluminum alloys, many plastics and composites. It provides superior corrosion inhibition, has exceptionally long sump life and requires no special disposal or recycling techniques, says Andy Nelson, product manager. It contains no nitrates, phenols, chlorinated or sulfurized EP additives and keeps machines very clean. 585 provides the necessary cleanliness and lubricity to keep older-style machine tools up and running, Nelson said, adding, Machine operators really enjoy using this fluid. Phone: (419) 874-7902. Web:

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