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International specialty chemical company is interested in acquiring a manufacturer/marketer of industrial fluids and lubricants. We have developed a portfolio of industrial products that are sold in good quantity on the basis of their performance. We have an innovative research and development group involved in both discovery and applications research. In the past, most of our attention has been given to markets outside of the United States. We are now interested in improving our ability to manufacture and sell in North America. If you are a manufacturer/marketer of industrial fluids and lubricants and would be interested in discussing a possible association with our company we would like to talk to you. Please write to us at the address below and tell us about your company.

LNG Publishing Company

Classified Ad Box 1205

6105 Arlington Blvd., Suite G

Falls Church, VA 22044

Counter Rust

Rust Preventatives

Solvent-Free and Solvent Based

Corrosion Inhibitors

Aluminum and Ferrous Metals


Specialty Amides and Surfactants


Water Soluble Lubricity Agents

Chlorine Free and Dilatant Film Formers

Oil Soluble Lubricity Agents

Phosphate, Polymeric and Complex Esters

EZ Mulz

Sulfonate-Free Primary Emulsifiers

Naphthenic, Paraffinic and Vegetable Oils

Emulsifier Bases

Soluble Oil and Biostable Semi-synthetics

Specialty Additives

Mycobacteria Treatment

Odor Control Agents



Hard Water Stabilizers

Coolant Controls extensive experience derived from years of managing in-use fluids allows us to develop additives that address the issues commonly found in water-based cutting fluids. Call us or visit our web site to find out more.



Fax: 513-471-2721

3120 Warsaw Avenue

Cincinnati, Ohio 45205

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