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ConocoPhillips Adds Greases

ConocoPhillips, the fourth largest U.S. lubricants supplier, is launching a new line of premier greases that span the Conoco, Phillips 66 and 76 Lubricants brands. The vastly expanded line of greases was developed after conducting a rigorous review of product attributes and applications shared among the three brands. They provide customers with greater access to a wide variety of high-quality greases, and also provide multi-branded lube jobbers the opportunity to streamline their existing inventories and pursue new business, notes the companys Walt Silveira. The new products are available now through all of the companys lube marketers, he added. To locate one, visit: http: //lubricants.conocophillips. com/locator/default.asp

Lubricate for Years

Lubcons new MicroMax 1/120 automatic, single-point lubricator allows the dispensing of 120cc over a period as long as five years. The MicroMax works under extreme environmental conditions, the maker says, due to its completely sealed aluminum housing. It is micro-processor controlled and produces pressure up to 145 psi. An engineered vibration proof mounting system is available, too. Contact: Lubcon Turmo Lubrication, 4668 Broadmoor, Suite 150, Grand Rapids MI 49512. Phone: (616) 554-7930. Web:

Drawing Lesson

As copper wire-drawing lubricants age, copper and hard water salts often lead to insoluble soap formations that hurt quality. Etna-Bechems Unopol drawing product line has overcome this problem by using a new technology. It minimizes the potential negative effect of various build-ups in the mix that lead to insoluble soap formations which affect drawability, cleanliness and system life, notes the companys Guiseppe Marcantoni. Contact: Etna-Bechem Lubricants, 16824 Park Circle, Chagrin Falls, OH 44023. Phone: (800) 229-3862. E-mail:

More Muscle from Timken

Timkens lubricant lineup now includes ultra-high-speed spindle grease, food-grade grease, synthetic industrial grease and multi-use lithium grease. Three of these use synthetic base oil technology, to promote longer overall grease and bearing life, as well as a wider operating temperature range compared to conventional greases. Bearing life ratings have increased throughout the years, making the lubricant a limiting factor toward total bearing life, notes Timkens Dave Pierman. Increasing the lubricant life through synthetic technology creates a total product package that is more commensurate with todays expected bearing life. The greases are available through authorized distributors in the United States. Web:

A Grease-gun First

A lemite has unveiled the first 14.4-volt, battery-powered grease gun, the model 585, which boasts up to 50 percent more run time and better pressure ratings than any other cordless grease gun in the world. It can develop 10,000 psi, to unclog problem fittings. Compared to 12-volt guns, which can deliver up to three cartridges of grease, one fully charged battery in the Alemite 585 can deliver up to 10 cartridges of grease. That means fewer interruptions to recharge the gun, for better productivity. Its ergonomic design, balanced feel and optional carrying strap help reduce physical strain. Phone: (866) 425-3648. Fax: (800) 648-3917. Web:

Wipe Out Oil

Need to eliminate all traces of oil in a tank? Abanakis innovative PetroPuck employs biotechnology to do just that. A single puck treats 1,000 gallons of fluid, and in many cases can bring oil down to levels deemed acceptable for discharge. Designed for use in tandem with a bulk oil removal system (such as a skimmer), the PetroPuck dissolves, attacks the fluid and consumes any remaining oil left in tanks after skimming. Have tanks with a constant flow? Simply add one puck plus a teaspoon of the nutrient provided at the beginning of each month. The time-release nontoxic bacteria will break down and consume the oil, reducing it to carbon dioxide and water. Phone Chris Ott, Abanaki Corp., at (440) 543-7400 or (800) 358-7546. E-mail:

Safety First

The Automotive Oil Change Association has a new training video, Safety is No Accident. It explains, in English and Spanish, how fast lubes can avoid the most frequent causes of customer and employee injuries and claims. Fewer accidents reduce employee lost time and injuries, while fewer injuries help control workers compensation and liability insurance rates, points out AOCAs Steve Christie. Topics include: keeping a professional attitude; clothing and safety equipment; guiding a customer or fellow employee into a bay; slips, falls and strains; ladder and lifting procedures; tools; battery and radiator hazards; fire procedures; and other dangers. Available in DVD or VHS format. Phone AOCA at (800) 331-0329 for pricing. Web:

Rail Grease is Soy Based

SoyTrak Multi-Season rail curve grease, from Environmental Lubricants Manufacturing, has won approval from the Norfolk Southern. This is a true technological breakthrough, comparable to the creation of multigrade engine oils, says ELMs Lou Honary. Each change of season the appropriate grade of grease must be applied to the railroad track to protect it from wear; this takes considerable time and labor. SoyTrak Multi-Season, formulated with a very stable variety of soybean oil, can erase this need, to simplify the ordering process and reduce inventory costs. It provides strong antiwear protection, carry-down characteristics and film strength, and superior resistance to wash-off by rain, according to Portec Rail Products, the products distributor. Contact: or


Use the Drainblocker to quickly seal off surface-mounted drains, grates and covered manholes to prevent drainage system pollution. The newest drain cover is 54 inches square; other new sizes are 30- and 42-inch rounds. Each allows responders to completely cover a drain by a few extra inches around, for extra protection against unwanted liquids entering a drain. The chemically resistant, flexible units mold to uneven surfaces, creating a temporary seal, and may be cut to size with scissors. Reusable and cost-effective, they clean easily, too. Available at Safety-Kleen branches and elsewhere. Contact: New Pig, One Pork Ave., Tipton PA 16684. Phone: (800) 468-4647. Web:

HazCom Made Easy?

With thousands of hazardous chemicals in the workplace, safety managers can spend many hours scanning manuals or making phone calls to obtain proper labels to protect their workers and meet OSHAs Hazard Communication standards. Now, MaxiSofts RTKV2 HazCom Labeling Software can radically simplify all this. It offers online access to 160,000 MSDS records – continuously updated by the chemical manufacturers – which are downloadable to your computer for 24-hour access, and available by subscription. Use it to update and make OSHA-compliant Right to Know labels and MSDS sheets, in a fraction of the usual time. For a free demo CD, phone (800) 522-2755 or e-mail Web:

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