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Africa Lags in Rerefining

Africa recycles less of its used lubricants into base oils than other regions, and several obstacles stand in the way of increasing that amount, industry officials said at a conference in Cape Town, South Africa, last month.

Fuchs Buys Shares in African Distributors

The Fuchs Group acquired half the shares of three separate African lubricant distributors to strengthen its presence in the continents Sub-Saharan region, the company announced last week.

Regs Modernize African Car Parcs

Half of Africas 54 countries have passed legislation regulating imports of used vehicles - either banning them completely or capping the age of units that can be brought in - and this is changing fleet mixes and gradually impacting base stock needs, an ExxonMobil official said at a conference here.

Free Trade Agreement Benefits African Blenders

The African Continental Free Trade Agreement that went into force in May benefits Africas lubricants blenders by reducing tariffs and other barriers to doing business with other countries within the continent, industry insiders said Nov. 6 at a conference in Cape Town, South Africa.

Group I Growth Forecast for Africa

Contrary to global trends, African demand for API Group I base oils will continue rising in coming years and the grade remain the dominant choice of the regions lubricant market, an industry insider said at the ICIS African Base Oils and Lubricants Conference last month.

African Blenders Debate Quality Control

The African lubricant markets lack of an adequate quality control mechanism - particularly for its engine oil segment - has led to ongoing challenges for industry players, speakers said during a panel at an industry conference last month in Cape Town, South Africa.

African Rerefiners Debate Rerefined Oil Growth

African rerefiners agree that overcoming skeptical public perception of their rerefined base oils is a significant hurdle to growth. However, they debated about other factors - such as working with multinational companies and choosing the best production process - during a panel discussion at an industry conference in Cape Town, South Africa.

Group I Resurgence in South Africa

Not long ago, lubricant blenders in South Africa had begun shifting from API Group I to Group II base stocks. Now a number of them are switching back to Group I, industry insiders told a meeting last week in Cape Town, South Africa.

New Name, CEO for Acquired Chevron Assets

A Glencore-backed consortiums acquisition of Chevrons downstream operations in South Africa and Botswana is complete, and the acquired entity will have a new CEO and fresh company name - Astron Energy - Astrons chairman confirmed to Lube Report.

Engen Selling Service Stations to Vivo

Vivo Energy plc has a revised agreement to acquire Engen Petroleums operations in eight African countries. The deal has the potential to expand the penetration of Shells lubricant brand in sub-Saharan Africa, an industry observer said.