Tough 2019 for Rerefiner Hydrodec

Lube Report EMEA - February 18, 2020

United Kingdom-based transformer oil rerefiner Hydrodec Group posted a full-year loss for 2019 and said its revenues dec ...


Middle East Rerefining Ripe for Growth

Lube Report EMEA - January 21, 2020

The Middle East may be finally kicking its monograde engine oil dependence, but dealing with the disposal of low-grade u ...


Rerefining Rate up in Spain

Lube Report EMEA - December 31, 2019

Seventy-two percent of waste oil generated in Spain in 2018 was refined into base stocks, according to a recent annual p ...

Africa Lags in Rerefining

Africa Lags in Rerefining

Lube Report EMEA - December 24, 2019

Africa recycles less of its used lubricants into base oils than other regions, and several obstacles stand in the way of ...


Rerefinery Planned in Turkey

Lube Report EMEA - November 26, 2019

Turkish waste oil collector Tayras announced that it is building an API Group II rerefinery with enough capacity to proc ...


Rerefining Subsidies Hiked in Spain

Lube Report EMEA - July 30, 2019

The non-profit organization that manages the recycling of used lubricants in Spain raised its subsidy for oil collection ...


STR Tecoil Buys Collection Business

Lube Report EMEA - April 2, 2019

Finnish rerefiner STR Tecoil recently acquired the used oil collection business from Fortum, a Finnish company in the re ...


STR Tecoil Oy Enters Russian Used Oil Market

Lube Report EMEA - March 26, 2019

Finnish rerefiner STR Tecoil Oy plans to start collecting and processing waste lubricants to produce base oils in Russia ...


Hill Corp. Opened Base Oil Rerefinery

Lube Report EMEA - February 5, 2019

Hill Corp. recently finished building a used oil rerefinery and a small grease unit at its lubricant blending plant in S ...


African Rerefiners Debate Rerefined Oil Growth

Lube Report EMEA - November 13, 2018

African rerefiners agree that overcoming skeptical public perception of their rerefined base oils is a significant hurdl ...


Avista, Slicker Team on Rerefinery in Denmark

Lube Report EMEA - June 12, 2018

Avista Oil AG and a United Kingdom-based used oil collector formed a joint venture to build a rerefinery in Denmark at t ...


Mixed 2017 for Hydrodec

Lube Report EMEA - June 5, 2018

United Kingdom-based transformer oil rerefiner Hydrodec Group posted an overall loss for the year, although sales revenu ...


Oil Collection Tough for Russian Rerefiners

Lube Report EMEA - May 29, 2018

Russian rerefiner efforts to collect used oil are being hindered by the popularity of burning it for fuel and by the ina ...


Ugandan Rerefiner Awarded Grant

Lube Report EMEA - February 20, 2018

Geoffrey Ssekatawa, founder of Uganda-based Brent Technologies Ltd., received the African Entrepreneurship Award for pio ...


2017 Proves Positive for Hydrodec

Lube Report EMEA - February 6, 2018

United Kingdom-based transformer oil rerefiner Hydrodec Group posted its first positive full-year profits in the groups ...