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Japan’s Car Sales Slump in April

Registrations for sales of new passenger cars, trucks and buses fell 29 percent in April, compared to a year earlier, according to data released on May 18 by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association.

Esso Thailand’s Lube Sales Down

Esso (Thailand) Public Co.’s lubricant sales fell 5.7 percent last year, in line with a decline in the country’s sales of motor vehicles and motorcycles.

Food-grade Lube Demand Spikes

Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns in Asia have resulted in increased demand for food-grade lubricants, industry insiders said.

Asia Leads in Wax Supply

Asia accounted for more than half of 11.2 billion pounds of global wax supply in 2019, leading in petroleum waxes in large part because of China refineries’ widespread production of wax through processes not involving API Group I base oil, an industry insider said.

Asia-Pacific Leads in New Wind Turbines

Asia-Pacific continued to lead in global wind power development in 2019, accounting for 50.7 percent of new installations, boosted by regulatory reform during the past two years, according to a report by the Global Wind Energy Council.

Coronavirus Triggers Crude Crash

The economic wrecking ball that is the coronavirus went into full swing this week when it sent the price of crude oil back to 1991 and pounded stock markets.

Japan’s Auto Exports Rise

Japan exported 4.8 million motor vehicles in 2019, a marginal increase from 2018, while domestic sales for all motor vehicles dropped 1.5 percent, according to data compiled by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association.

Coronavirus Impacts Asia Base Oil Refiners

Base oil refiners in Asia are slashing production and looking for alternative markets amid plummeting lubricant and grease demand in China, industry insiders say, as the coronavirus outbreak continues to rattle markets.

Chinas Lube Demand Slides, Retains Value

Lube consumption in China dipped 1.3 percent to an estimated 7.4 million metric tons in 2019, while the value of the market remained the same at nearly U.S. $29 billion, according to a recent report by consultancy Kline & Co.

South Korean Lube Demand Hits 10-year Low

South Korea lubricant consumption fell to a 10-year low of 990,455 kiloliters (889,627 metric tons) in 2019, the Korea Lubricating Oil Industries Association said in a report last week.

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