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Aramco Withdraws from Cilacap JV

Pertamina disclosed last week that Saudi Aramco has withdrawn from discussions about a plan to jointly expand the Indonesian energy company’s refinery in Cilacap, Indonesia.

Infineum to Expand China Additive Plant

Infineum has signed a letter of intent to add a second phase to its lubricant additive plant in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu province, China, expanding a facility that first began production in 2016.

Afton Expands Test Center in Japan

Afton Chemical completed an expansion of its Japan Technology Center in Tsukuba to give it increased lubricant additive testing capabilities for the Asia-Pacific region, the company announced on Oct. 30. The expansion is part of an effort towards more collaboration with Japans original equipment manufacturers.

Japanese Lube Additive Maker Expands Plant

Japan's Adeka Corp. will complete an expansion of its lubricant additive plant this month, and seeks to expand sale of its engine oil additives to the United States and China, a company representative told Lube Report.

Evonik Boosts Global Oil Additives Capacity

Evonik announced on Monday it is expanding its production capacity for polyalkylmethacrylate-based viscosity modifiers by 15 percent to meet rising demand. The oil additives provider has a global production footprint, including plants in Singapore and China.

Lube Blender Opens Filter Factory

A lubricant blender in Chinas Hubei province recently opened an engine oil filter factory and claims to be the only company in the country to manufacture both types of products.

ExxonMobil Plans Million-ton Singapore Expansion

ExxonMobil is not finished building new Group II capacity nor with expanding its operations in Singapore. Not by a long shot.

Chevron Completes Vietnam Expansion

Chevron Lubricants Vietnam has completed the expansion of its Hai Phong, Vietnam, blending plant, a $5 million project that more than doubles the facilitys previous capacity. The company did not disclose the plants new capacity.

Wells Opens Blend Plant in Tianjin

Wells Lubricating Oil (Tianjin) Co. announced that it opened a blending plant in Tianjin, China, to support its growing business. The company said it now has capacity to make 150,000 metric tons of lubricants per year.

Afton Completes Singapore Expansion

Afton Chemical Corp. said Wednesday that it has completed an expansion of its lubricant additive plant in Singapore and that it expects to start producing antiwear agents in October.