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Alt Channels Abound for Chinas PCMOs

Up to 30 percent of passenger car motor oils supplied in China in 2022 may reach drivers through the countrys unique routes to market, according to a recent Kline & Co. report.

Lubes Vie for Attention at Car Supermarket

On a recent Friday afternoon in the downtown district of Jiangsu provinces capital city, Nanjing, several customers strolled through Chinese retailer Suning Commerce Groups first auto supermarket," without realizing that the new type of store offered numerous options for buying lubricants.

Branded Workshops Key in Indonesia

Lubricant suppliers say branded workshops are critical in Indonesia's aftermarket segment, which is growing as the country's automobile parc ages and warranties expire.

Universal Tractor Oils to the Rescue

Tractor operators in India may increasingly turn to universal tractor transmission oils to eliminate the need for multiple oils in one machine, according to an industry insider addressing a recent conference in Uttar Pradesh.

Doubling Car Parcs Beckon Lube Suppliers

Chinas and Indias car parcs - already two of the worlds largest - will double by 2023, a new study predicts. As lubricants volumes boom, providers must cope with each nations idiosyncrasies to effectively distribute through their aftermarket service channels.

Aftermarket Deals in Vogue in China

Partnerships with online-to-offline auto care service providers are proving a popular way for domestic and international lubricant companies to score sales in China.

Kawasaki Revamps Oil Packaging

Kawasaki aims to stand out in Indonesias increasingly competitive lubricant market by selling some of its motor oils in transparent containers designed to look like high-end perfume.

In China, Suppliers Refine Business Models

As China's lubricant market becomes more crowded, some suppliers - including both oil manufacturer marketers and distributors - are seeking new ways to gain market share.

China Enacts Tougher Gasoline Standard

The new year marked the implementation in China of higher gasoline quality standards designed to help reduce air pollution. One observer warns that automobile air emissions levels will continue rising for now but called the standard an important step toward eventually addressing the problem.