Volume 5 Issue 35

Kline: Global Demand Recovered in 2021

Global lubricant demand jumped 8.3% last year, recovering most of what the market lost during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, an official from Kline & Co. told an industry conference today in Stuttgart, Germany.

Russian Lube Production Close to 2020 Level

Russia produced around 600,000 metric tons of finished lubricants in 2021, a slight increase from the previous year, according to recently released government data. Motor oil exports to several countries in Africa and Central Asia increased significantly on a proportionate basis in the past few years, the data also indicated.

Castrol Invests in EV Batteries, Fluid Research

BP earlier this month announced plans to invest up to £50 million to build an electric vehicle battery testing center and analytical laboratory in the United Kingdom. The company said it will use the facility to develop coolants for batteries used in hybrid and fully electric vehicles, as well as batteries themselves.

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Briefly Noted

Domestic sales of new passenger cars in South Africa in July jumped 50% to 31,455 units, compared to the same month last year, the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa reported. Year-to-date through July, such vehicle sales were up 25% at 207,764.