Volume 1 Issue 31

SSY Base Oil Shipping Report

It was slower throughout Europe last week. The United States has stalled, whilst Asia is neither up nor down in terms of activity.-by Adrian Brown

Middle East Slowly Shifts to Better Motor Oils

The Middle East is transitioning to higher quality lubricants but at a slower pace than previously thought as recent research found monogrades and high-viscosity motor oils continuing to dominate heavy- and light-duty markets.

Russia to Raise Lube Export Duty by 2021

Russian authorities adopted a bill that will increase export tariffs for motor oils, fuels and other distillates by 4 percent in 2021.

Ship Breakdowns Blamed on Lube Failures

Marine mutual insurer Swedish Club found in a report on main engine damage that lubrication failure was the most expensive and most frequent cause of damage on vessels during the 2015-2017 period.

Publishers Note: Lubricants Industry Factbook

Editors at Lube Reports sister publication, LubesnGreases magazine, have just capped off a decade of producing our yearly Lubricants Industry Factbook. The 10th edition of this valuable guide is packed with eye-opening information about lubricant industry trends, statistics and standards.

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