Mobil 1 now Streaming in Singapore

ExxonMobil began producing Mobil 1 synthetic engine oils in Asia for the first time upon the opening of its greases and lubricants facilities in Singapore earlier this year, the American energy giant announced last week.

To expand the capacity of its existing blending plant at its integrated refinery complex in Singapore, ExxonMobil opened a standalone grease factory in January and a synthetic lubricants production unit in April.

The firm did not disclose capacity or investment figures, but noted that the new lubes facility is the first manufacturing site in Asia-Pacific for Mobil 1-branded engine oils and the sixth worldwide. ExxonMobil said its Mobil 1 plants use specially designed equipment, although the company declined to elaborate.

Photo: ExxonMobil

The firm noted that output from the facilities will be marketed throughout the Asia-Pacific region to meet a growing thirst for synthetic lubes. These new grease and synthetic lubricants production facilities are strategically located close to key Asia-Pacific markets, ensuring the reliable supply of these premium products to our customers, said Teoh Song Ping, Asia-Pacific lubricant sales director.

ExxonMobil is currently expanding its 1.5 million metric tons per year API Group II plant located in the Jurong region of Singapores main island. That refinery is part of ExxonMobils integrated operation, which spans Jurong and nearby Pulau Ayer Chawan and includes two fuels refineries with combined crude oil distillation capacity of 592,000 barrels per day. The site also includes a chemical plant, a lubricants blending plant and a 678,000 t/y Group I plant on Pulau Ayer Chawan.

Photo: ExxonMobil