Special Report: Additives


Special Report: Additives

The European Union Green Deal is the headline for an incredibly massive network of policy and regulation. Halting climate change would be a tall order by itself, but the initiatives falling under this umbrella also seek to greatly reduce chemical hazards, conserve water and other natural resources, reverse ecological degradation and to mandate a variety of social goals.

The range of economic sectors coming in for big impacts is equally broad, but the chemicals industry – including lubricant additives – could be affected as much as any. Additive suppliers and lubricant blenders may be forced to make big changes in the materials they use, while at the same time facing new requirements to align operations, product development and investments with sustainability metrics.

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Special Report


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The first article in a special report in the October issue of Lubes’n’Greases, “EU Green Deal Weighs on Additives,” explains the disruptions that insiders foresee for the lubricants industry. Those same insiders implore the industry to give organized feedback to the European Commission.

Even with in the face of such potential disruption, efforts continue to meet the lubrication challenges of tomorrow’s machinery. In a second article, “An Anti-oxidant for Next-generation Engine Oils,” Will Beverina examines evolving needs for anti-oxidant performance and some additives being floated as possible solutions.

Given the wide range of chemicals used as additives and the critical role they play for the industry, there is never a shortage of developments to track. Follow this link to view the report.

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