Volume 7 Issue 1

Calcium Sulfonate Greases Gain in Mining

Lithium grease thickeners still make up the majority of the global market because of their lower cost, but demand for products made with calcium sulfonate thickeners is expected to grow because of their better performance in industries such as mining, industry insiders said at a conference in Singapore.

China Market Forecast to Shrink

Although China was the worlds second-largest lubricant market in 2018, it is expected to shrink by a compound annual rate of 0.3 percent out to 2023, according to a Kline & Co. study.

Lithium Complex Grease Production Grows

Production volumes of high performance lithium complex and polyurea grease are growing to meet market needs, an industry insider said at a conference in Singapore.

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Briefly Noted

Shanghai Treelube Co. will represent Italy-based Aluchems synthetic lubricants in China under an agreement signed Dec. 12 in Shanghai.