Volume 2 Issue 13

Chevron Sells Caltex Australia Stake

Chevron on Friday sold its 50-percent stake in Caltex Australia, a leading fuel retailer and one of the largest lubricant suppliers in Australia.

Survey: Asians Follow Oil Recommendations

Most motorists in five Asian nations get their engine oil changed by professionals and follow experts advice in choosing which oil to use, according to results of a survey Shell announced last week.

Micro Wax, Petrolatum Set for Growth

Asia-Pacifics microcrystalline wax demand is expected to show strong growth to 2019, while its petrolatum demand is projected to grow more slowly over that time, consultancy Kline & Co. projected.

Trading of Tianhe Stock Suspended

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange suspended trading of Tianhe Chemicals Group Ltd. shares Thursday. Tianhe said it requested the suspension because a delay in reporting its 2014 financial results will make it noncompliant with stock exchange rules.

Philippines to Adopt Euro 4 Early

The Philippines will move from Euro 2 to Euro 4 fuel standards in July instead of next year as previously planned.