Philippines Hungry for MWF


Master Chemical Corp. has opened Master Chemical Fluid Solutions Philippines Inc. in metro Manila, Philippines, hoping to service a growing manufacturing and high-tech base and feed its appetite for coolants and metalworking fluids.

Weve been trying to work into the area for the last year or so because there is such a large amount of industry there already, Master Chemical spokesman Mark Scherer told Lube Report. A lot of it is very high-tech and very demanding. Our products in the cutting and grinding fluids area are going to be well needed there. Scherer said the companys Xybex coolant recycling and filtration systems will also be in demand by manufacturers in the country.

Master Chemical Fluid Solutions Philippines is in Muntinlupa City, which is the southernmost city in metro Manila. There are many large manufacturers here, like NIDEC, Fujitsu, Texas Instruments, Panasonic, as well as car manufacturers and other high tech firms, said District Sales Manager Dexter Ancheta. We have already been working with a Manila-based manufacturing customer for the past year, Ancheta said.

The Philippines operations plan to add warehouse space to serve prospective customers needs in the future. The Philippines has a good work force, a good reputation and a growing economy of industry that can use Master Chemicals help, Ancheta said. We are very optimistic about the potential for growth here.

The Philippines has the fastest growing economy in Southeast Asia, according to Master Chemical Chairman and CEO Joe Wright. This is a natural opportunity for us because of the proximity of the Philippines to other Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Malaysia, where we already have a presence and are doing a lot of business, Wright said.

Master Chemical markets its specialty metalworking fluids, cutting fluids, grinding fluids, milling fluids, concentrated washing compounds, cleaning compounds and rust preventives under the Trim brand name.