BASF, PMC Biogenix Raise Prices


BASF last week announced it will raise prices in some regions for polyetheramines used in additives, and PMC Biogenix on Monday said it would increases prices for fatty amide, bisamide and metallic stearate products used in metalworking fluids.

On June 24, BASF said that effective immediately, or as existing contracts permit, it will up prices for polyetheramines in Asia, Europe and South America by 5 to 10 percent, depending on the type of product. The company previously increased the prices for polyetheramines in the North American Free Trade Agreement region effective May 1 at the same rate. Huntsman is the other major supplier of polyetheramines, which are used as carrier oils, detergents and dispersing agents in lubricant and fuel compositions.

PMC Biogenix on Monday announced that effective Aug. 1, or as contracts permit, it would raise prices for its fatty amide and bisamide products by 15 cents to 25 cents per pound, based on grade and raw material source. The company cited escalating raw material, energy and transportation costs as reasons for the increase.

For those same reasons, PMC Biogenix on Monday also announced effective July 15, or as contracts permit, an 8 cents to 15 cents per pound hike in prices for metallic stearate products, based on grade and raw material source.

The metal processing industry uses metallic stearates as lubricants, release agents and dry-film lubricants. The stearates are also used as lubricants in the plastics industry.

PMC Biogenix, a subsidiary of PMC Group, was created by the acquisition of Chemturas oleochemicals and derivatives business unit earlier this year. PMC Biogenix produces aluminum, calcium, lithium, magnesium, potassium and zinc stearate, as well as specialty stearate blends and dispersions.


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