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In the January issue:

The January issue explores trends in base stocks and finished lubricants. Discover how two new lubricant manufacturing processes can decrease energy usage as well as what the future may hold for bright stock demand. Plus, find out what NLGI and ELGI’s grease working groups have been up to recently and how their work may affect the industry.

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Editor's Picks

Novel Methods Offer Energy Savings

Until recently, energy savings have been marginal and difficult to achieve without compromising finished lubricant quality. Now two new manufacturing technologies are changing the game.

Outlook for Grease Working Groups

NLGI and ELGI’s grease working groups stay busy. What are some of the latest and most pressing things on their to-do lists?

Sustainability: “It’s Not Possible—No, It’s Necessary”

While sustainability may be a daunting task for the lubricants industry, it is vital that it do its part to contribute to the future health of the planet.


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