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Additives Boost Fuel Economy

Protecting engine parts with surface-active additives is critical to improving fuel economy, and may be a revolution in lubricant formulations, Lubrizols testing suggests.

Foam Control Gets New Tools

Foam in manufacturing and technical processes can be good or bad. In some cases it is helpful, but in others - such as metalworking - it interferes with efficient operation and must be avoided or at least controlled.

Oxidation: Tough Challenge for Heavy-duty Oils

With commercial vehicle demand booming, especially in developing nations, the Asia-Pacific region needs better quality heavy-duty engine oils that can handle extreme conditions and fight oxidation, said Afton Chemical.

Sensors Diagnose Oil Condition

A small drop of oil or grease carries a lot of important information about the condition of the oil and its components. Analysis can tap into that information to help optimize drain intervals, detect potential failures and support effective oil care.

A New Model for Metalworking Fluids

Conventional theories about metalworking fluids state that they react chemically with the surfaces of metal workpieces during the short time that the two are in contact. These reactions supposedly form metal chlorinate, metal sulfide or metal phosphor layers that are more easily removed by the machine tool. Researchers at a German supplier of metalworking fluids challenged that model.

Designing Better Motor Oil Bottles

Packaging design is as much science as art. The process requires close interaction between the design team and production experts - because a package that looks great is still poorly designed if it causes hangups on the filling line or buckles during shipping.

Base Oil Shifts Create Challenges

The base oil market is shifting toward API Group II and III oils because of their advantages for formulating products such as automotive lubricants. But the trend also creates challenges such as a decline in supply of heavy oils and changes in lubricant formulating characteristics.

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