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Issue 63: September 2014 Lubes'n'Greases Magazine
Europe, Middle East and Africa


Nigerian Auto Policy Finally Gets Green Light

The Nigeria automotive policy, first launched in 1993, never got the political backing it needed to be fully implemented. But the government recently approved a new policy to encourage local vehicle production.

The Next Steps for ACEA 2014

ACEA 2014 is coming, with widely anticipated revisions for performance in the presence of biofuels. Itís time to get prepared.

Decoding the Burgeoning Grease Market

The grease market is grappling with two opposing trends. Demand is increasing because of industrial and vehicle growth in developing countries, but it is decreasing due to a shift to superior grades that provide longer life.

Growing Appetite for Synthetic Lubes

Synthetic lubricant demand is expected to grow more than 3 percent per year in Europe and by more than 4 percent per year in Africa and the Middle East from 2013 to 2023.

Spotlight on Ukraine, Turkey & Romania

Economic and political turmoil in Ukraine, Turkey and Romania could force the regionís small to mid-size blenders to look elsewhere for new opportunities.

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